Bangweulu Swamps

This area, adjacent and to the north of Kasanka National Park is also run and managed by the Kasanka Trust, it is an extensive area of swamps channels and seasonally flooded plains leading south-east from Lake Bangweulu itself and, although Zambia now has 20 National Parks this is not in fact one of them.

The area supports an incredible diversity of water-birds including the massive grey, do-do like Shoebill which breeds in the area. Bangweulu is probably the best place remaining in the world to see Shoebills in the wild, and at the 'WHEN TO VISIT' right time of year, no visitor leaves disappointed.

Although Bangweulu really is a birders paradise there are also massive herds of Black Lechwe, a species found only in this area.

There is only one camp in Bangweulu, Shoebill Island Camp which offers accommodation at a very basic level in safari tents under thatch roofs. There is an airstrip not far away and access is easiest by air as te drive from Kasanka is a long and uncomfortable one.

The main season is from May to August when Shoebills can usually be seen on canoe trips. September to November offer great birding as well although maybe no Shoebill sightings.

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