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Shiwa N'gandu

This remarkable house was built by the late Sir Stuart Gore Brown in the 1920’s, even today it is very remote and not easy to get to so it is hard to imagine the effort that went into its construction over 80 years ago when everything was carried in by hand.

The house fell into disrepair but has been lovingly restored by one of Gore Brown’s grandsons Charlie Harvey. Guests stay in one of 5 bedrooms in the main house, there is a stunning library containing a large number of old and rare books, the pictures and hangings on the walls are mostly original keeping much of the character of the house in tact.

There was a book written about the house, its construction and its original inhabitants called “The Africa House” by Christina Lamb it is recommended reading for anyone planning to visit the house.

There are horses on the property and the location certainly adds a unique twist to any riding safari, the property is very extensive and is a game farm so there are plenty of animals around although no predators making the location ideal for riding.

The main house sleeps 6 – 8 people, is open year round and welcomes children. The natural hot springs at Kapisha are about 20 minutes drive from the main house are well worth a visit.

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