Tsika Island Camp

Tsika Island lies in the middle of the Zambezi some 35 kms up-stream from Chongwe and the border to the National Park, it is a pristine island and is home to this wonderfully rustic 6 bed bush-camp. Tsika was originally designed in order that Chongwe Safaris could offer a multi-day canoe trip and this would be the starting point. This concept is certainly possible but in my opinion Tsika should be used for a one or two night stop before boating down to stay at one of its sister camps, Kasaka or Chongwe for a couple more nights. The paddle between Tsika and Kasaka is a long hard day on the water and I feel that trip is better done with the comfort of a motor behind you.

The camp is very simple by design there are few of the luxuries that one expects in the smarter camps but hot and cold running water, solar power and very comfortable beds mean that you will not be left wanting. In my mind this is an excellent camp for those seeking a little more authentic and down to earth element to their safari.

It is possible to walk on the island, there will be no predators but usually plenty of elephant, there is a village fairly close by on the mainland and a visit to this community who share in the revenues earned at the camp is usually incorporated to your stay.

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