Lion Camp

This camp has ten rooms sleeping 20 guests and is the northern most camp on the west bank of the Luangwa accessible from the main Mfuwe area. Its position is one of its strongest assets, by the time you reach camp you have left the Mfuwe area, which at times can become quite busy, a long way behind. There are lagoons in the vicinity of camp and the rich riverine vegetation and mixed woodland has a high carrying capacity so game-viewing is usually very good. 

The tents are raised on stilts overlooking an ox-bow lagoon that dries towards the end of the season, and the dambo beyond, each is connected to the central area by a wooden walkway that is several meters above ground. 

There main area is an eclectic mix of bright colours and interesting artefacts, all be it that most of them are not from Zambia, the decoration may not suit those seeking a more traditional safari style but it my mind it offers a refreshing escape from the more run of the mill safaris camps. The small pool set on the deck in front of the central area is beautifully designed and fits in very well indeed. 

The manager Emma Robinson has been in the Luangwa since the early 2000’s and has been at Lion Camp since 2009. Activities are either on foot or by vehicle but those that may have experienced a night drive or two in the busier, central Mfuwe area will thoroughly enjoy the after dark activities from this camp as you are not likely to see another vehicle whilst patrolling the area close to camp and the opportunity to see nocturnal animals should not be missed. 

Children under 12 are usually only accepted when the whole camp is booked. 

Due to its remote location it is only open from the 1st of June through until the end of October and the management are quite strict about enforcing a minimum stay of 3 nights. The rates at Lion Camp are a little more reasonably priced than most of its high end competitors, this fact combined with its remote location makes it, in my mind, an excellent inclusion in any Luangwa itinerary.